SERC at the LSE False claims

In September 2017 the SERC group at the London School of Economics published one of the worst analyses of speed cameras yet seen.

As soon as I first came across it, in February 2014 I contacted the author, Mr. Tang and two professors who had overseen his 40 page analysis. I pointed out innumerable errors of fact and method only to be told that they did not accept that the analysis was flawed.

I then followed up with a 14 page, point-by-point demolition of the analysis but was again told that nothing would be done about it.

I was then contacted by the head of the Research Ethics Department who told me that no notice would be taken of my comments and that if it wish to challenge it I would need to write my own analysis, get it peer reviewed and published.

Silly me – how could I ever have thought that any organisation that finds it has published a Paper that is palpable nonsense should have a moral and ethical responsibility to withdraw it, rather than transfer responsibility to the lone, amateur objector!


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