Hampshire fixed cameras increase collisions

In 2016 or early 2017 Hampshire Police finally published the camera site data the DfT instructed them in 2011 to publish.

When in March 2017I noticed that the data were available analysed it and was so horrified by what I found I emailed a letter to Hampshire Police, marked for the attention of the Chief Constable.

A week later when no reply had been received I sent it again, and a week after that I telephoned the Chief Constable’s office and was told that it would be dealt with.

Again nothing happened so I sent the letter a third time, and at last received a reply from the Chief Constable’s office – telling me that she did not intend to respond!

The reply did however advise me to send what they described as my “complaint” but which was in reality important information – to the Professional Standards Section. No explanation was offered about why the Chief Constable had not done that herself.

The reply stated that only the third copy of the letter had been received by that office but I can confirm that all three were delivered promptly to the main HQ system.

I then copied the information to the Professional Standards section and eventually received a reply from the Chief Data Analyst of Hampshire Police. He refused to comment on my results because he could not understand the (very simple) arithmetic on which they were based. He also told me, in effect, that the analysis I had provided would be ignored.

I then sent a formal complaint against the Chief Constable’s conduct – breach of duty of care etc. to the Police and Crime Commissioner. It was rejected on wholly spurious grounds.

I then became unwell and it is only now, some 7 months later, that I am taking this up again, on the internet and in the 6 Herald Group newspapers in Hampshire.

All relevant correspondence and data is accessible below:


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